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Your Tax


No matter what size of business you operate, Complete Accounting can help you. From tax returns and planning, sole trader operations or partnership and trust setups, administration and auditing.  Complete Accounting specialise in all forms of business tax strategy.


Are you stuck with the burden of administration and accounting work?

Complete Accounting helps you concentrate on running your business, helping extend the resources you have at your disposal to expand your operations.

With our educated staff, monitoring australian financial regulations and investigating all kinds of avenues to help you save money – we are sure we’ll be a valuable ally in your expansion.

Small business tax returns and planning with experienced sole trader and partnership tax consultants.

Smart tax planning builds your business into a profitable, wealth-generating asset. Non-compliance or evolving obligations can drain your growing business. So how do you keep abreast of tax efficiency when you’re focused on daily business? Get a business tax accountant to help.

Planning your Tax

Every fledgling business hopes to grow, from plumbers to carpenters, retailers or professional services. Establishing better tax outcomes is vital for your business and lifestyle future. Our tax consultants prime partnerships and sole traders for healthy growth with:

    • Tax effective strategies to protect hard earned wealth & assets.
    • Tax minimisation through careful return preparation and entitlement insight.
    • Thorough financial reporting & analysis to ensure business tax compliance.
    • Specialist SMSF support for those who choose self managed super.
    • Personalised strategies for tax efficient business planning
Needs-based tax solutions for your business

Every industry and business is unique. Complete Accounting is no ‘one size fits all’ outsourcer.

We understand entrusting your tax to us is the beginning of a long-term relationship. So we tailor our advice with needs-based tax planning and other financial services your business needs as it grows. So framing custom solutions around your tax needs helps meet your business goals too.

Your sole trader or partnership business is bound for bigger things. With tax planning, compliance and solid ongoing advice, Complete Accounting ensures you realise those business goals.

Business tax efficiency for Company and Trust structures from tax consultants who secure your finances through effective tax structures and company tax planning.

So, your business is growing strongly and you’re ready to move up a gear. Outgrowing a sole trader or partnership structure can be daunting. You want to protect profit and assets while staying tax efficient.

Complete Accounting will transition you into an effective company or trust structure. Our consultants handle all tax complexities, asset protection and cash flow management too. Giving you the confidence and freedom to focus on your business.

Tax efficient business structures

Your new business structure is another step towards a secure financial future. Complete Accounting know how to make companies and trusts work hard. Our needs-based approach ensures your business evolves into a structure that:

  • Protects all private wealth & assets from creditors.
  • Guards all business assets & profit against litigation.
  • Limits your financial & insolvency liability.
  • Enables flexible distribution of taxable business profits.
  • Provides ease of succession & tax efficiency upon business change-over.
Effective tax planning

Every good business structure should be supported by regular tax and business planning. Complete Accounting expertly craft company and trust tax plans. Ensuring there are no tax surprises for your business to fund in a rush.

Advanced Planning also keeps your tax compliance on schedule and limits exposure to poorly timed transactions that may result in an added burden on your company or trust.

Sound like a lot of hard work and implementation? Leave it in our capable hands. Naturally, Complete Accounting will also ensure your business tax returns deliver all available entitlements under your new company structure.

Self Managed Superannuation drives wealth creation but requires a steady hand when it comes to meeting your tax and regulatory compliance obligations.

Self managed super is an increasingly popular choice for Australian business owners. Tax efficiency, wealth creation, asset protection and flexible investment are all draw cards.

On one hand SMSF offers unrivalled tax efficiency and investment freedom, however, with SMSF comes stringent regulatory requirements.

Seamless self managed super compliance

Australia’s SMSF sector is highly regulated. A single breach could cost your SMSF 45% of fund assets. So rely on Complete Accounting for reduced non-compliance risk and superior tax efficiency. We monitor your SMSF regularly for tax compliance and our specialised accountants craft you a personalised strategy to fit your situation.

Get the most from your SMSF

Self Managed Superannuation is only as effective as your SMSF administration. Complete Accounting helps you gain greater control and value from your SMSF. So you achieve the best self managed super outcomes, like:


  • Freedom: pursue wide investment choice like shares, property & more.
  • Security: know your wealth & assets are protected against litigation or bankruptcy.
  • Minimal liabilities: one tax return for up to 4 family members within your SMSF.
  • Better returns: make your SMSF a healthy wealth generator through ‘best fit’ investment.
  • Tax advantage: meet all compliance obligations while maximising entitlements.
  • Effective wealth transfer: secure your family’s future with tax efficient income & more.


We ensure your self managed superannuation fund works smart from accumulation to retirement.

We protect your super fund assets through total tax compliance and ensure a secure financial future is yours.