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Some of us are cat people others are dog people. Some are bunny people, some like fish. We even have a client that has a turtle as a pet. What we can all agree on is that having pets in our lives makes them better for it.

So why then do we restrict the joy that pets bring only to us at home. In this article I will give you some tips on how to bring furry, feathered and scaly friends into the other half of your world.

Best of all how they will help your business too!

Pets as ice breakers

Are you as sick and tired as I am of always introducing your self the same way at networking events?

Who you are? Where you are from? What do you do?

Why not try this:

Hi my name is Ben, do you have a furry, feathered or scaly friend at home?

This kind of question will not provide a simple yes/no response. Straight away you will get them either talking about their cat, dog, bird or fish. Or they will ask you sorry what do you mean? You can then respond with do you have any pets at home.

Why do we care if they have pets at home? Two reasons;

  1. We work with people we know, like and trust. In finding out more about the person in front of you, your opportunity to connect with them grows.
  2. You have engaged their interest past the opportunity questions. If they remember you they are more likely to respond to your most correspondence, be that phone call for a meeting or email requesting they introduce you to someone they know on LinkedIn.

Indoor pets are cheaper than stress leave.

Indoor pets like a cat or dog can be tiny furry stress relievers. When a deadline looms and the stress is building, nothing can feel better than my cat wandering into the office, plonking itself down on the desk next to me and demanding I pay attention to her and give her a pat. This simple act of a quick pat & scratch can be just what is needed to rest to focus and improve the thinking required to solve the problem.

Animals know when someone isn’t feeling right and are great at putting a smile on a stressed out persons face. Our cat has put many smiles on clients faces and they have left our office feeling a little better than they entered.

Original tasty thank you presents.

I couldn’t write an article about pets without mentioning our feathered friends. We are fortunate enough to have space for chickens & ducks at home. One of the best thank you presents we have been able to provide our clients referral partners and suppliers is to offer a half dozen fresh chicken or duck eggs.

While this  may sound like a strange gift to give, I have found  that this simple gesture is great at unlocking not only a happy recipient, it also unlocks fond memories. Quite a few times when  I have given our free range eggs to our clients, they have recalled stories of  the old days  when their family had chooks while they were growing up.

When you are engaging your clients or referral partner on an emotional level like a childhood memory or even a reminder of how good a decent free range egg taste you will have taped into a deeper level of connection that will be hard to forget.

As an added bonus you have also created another opportunity to engage with the recipient. You could touch base to find out how they enjoyed the egg or ask then how they used the eggs. The additional contact will increase the likelihood of them remembering you when a need for your services comes up.

People aren’t the only bodies that like to socialise.

Even though I am a cat person, it would be remiss of me not to mention some tips for the dog people out there.

I love the independence of cats, they get fed, get let out during the day and they come back inside at tea time. Dogs on the other hand want to get out and about and sniff each others butts. Why not make efficient use of this butt sniffing time by doing some networking as well.

  • What about inviting another dog person client to the park? In doing so, the dogs can socialise while you talk with your client about their goals.
  • If your client tells you that their dog is a handful, you could provide them with a referral to a dog trainer or obedience school. Solving someone’s problem even if the problem doesn’t directly relate to your business the client will remember you.
  • Capture the details that a client is a dog person in your client relationship management You can then use these details to help you to.
    • Promote services
    • Provide interesting content
    • Offer personalised gifts.

As Michael Gambon said in the movie Layer Cake

Being good at business is all about being a good middle man.

The challenge for small business is being front of mind for a prospective client when needing your services or product.

In following some or all of the tips I have listed in this article you and business will:

  • Differentiate from other businesses that aren’t following these tips.
  • Create a deeper connection, both emotionally and personally with your client.
  • You may even turn a Dog person into a Cat (or Bunny) person.

Most of all the joy that your pets bring you will help your business to be remembered and liked.

Can your business benefit from pets.


Pets are one way your business can benefit from a relaxed atmosphere. If you would like more tips then contact us at Complete Accounting and we will be happy to help.