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Our Referral Partners


Complete Accounting understands that no business is unique and all have different needs at different stages of their growth cycle.

It’s why we’ve teamed up with a number of specialised partners, who can help you achieve the goals you want for your business – as a client of Complete Accounting, you have access to these referral partners & they can help your business succeed and thrive in your marketplace or industry.


Why should you be stuck with the burden of administration and accounting work.

Complete Accounting helps you concentrate on running your business, helping extend the resources you have at your disposal to expand your operations.

With our educated staff, monitoring australian financial regulations and investigating all kinds of avenues to help you save money – we are sure we can be a valuable ally in your expansion.


T: 03 9751 0752

M: 0430 554 100

E: abraham@wellinsured.com.au


abraham-picAbraham loves helping clients get the most for their insurance dollar.

Award winning experience in a range of financial services with a respected Accounting firm guided Abraham’s choice to specialise in providing tailored Personal Risk Insurance advice.

As a dedicated Income Protection & Life Insurance specialist, Abraham helps clients protect what they care about most in a way that complements their priorities and budget. Abraham’s clients benefit from his experience managing claims and successfully advocating for his client’s best interests.

Abraham’s clients appreciate his consultative approach to giving advice. A careful listener, Abraham’s detailed understanding of his client’s needs allows him to tailor his advice to them – personally. This is one area where Abraham stands apart from the crowd.

Abraham’s expert advice areas include:

  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disability cover
  • Trauma (Critical Illness) cover
  • Buy/Sell protection
  • Key Person cover
  • Claims management
  • Medical professionals


As an expert Risk Insurance Adviser, Abraham is in a strong position to be able to ‘go to market’ on behalf of clients to source and develop high quality, tailored and competitive Risk Protection Plans suited specifically to his client’s needs, and budget.

In short, Abraham is a specialist when it comes to being Well Insured.

Abraham is an Authorised Representative No. 325475 of Professional Investment Services Pty Ltd and a Director of Wellinsured Pty Ltd






Centrelink unpuzzled!

03 9894 8600

PO Box 76 NUNAWADING Vic 3131




Pensioner Solutions was founded by Amanda Reid in 2009 and was initially run from her home office.  Over the years, we have grown our client base, outgrown the home office and a subsequent office and are now situated in Nunawading.  As our client base has expanded, so has our offering to our clients and we are now a team of 3 and service clients up and down the eastern seaboard.


Amanda has worked in financial services for the past 18 years or so, and most of that time dealing with Centrelink on behalf of her clients.  She works full time in the business and apart from looking after clients from the Melbourne office, she also looks after clients on the Gold Coast, from a smaller office environment.  She loves what she does and is passionate about helping clients deal with Centrelink.  As we all know, this can be quite challenging from time to time.  She would be the first one to tell you, that at times she feels she needs her head read for starting a business which deals directly with Centrelink, but like everything with a downside, she feels there is a much bigger upside, as she gets to meet some wonderful people, and make a difference to their lives.


Kate has been a team member since April 2015 and was Pensioner Solutions first paid employee (Amanda’s dad still does all the book work for the business, but as a love job!!).  From the minute Kate joined the team, a sense of calm descended on the business.  Her can-do attitude and her gentle, kind nature is a perfect fit for the business.  She is one of our greatest assets.  Her role has grown with her knowledge and she not only deals directly with clients and assists in ensuring they receive their entitlements from Centrelink, she works very hard behind the scenes in ensuring the day to day running of the business is on track.

Kate now works remotely from her new home on the South Coast of NSW but continues to offer the same wonderful service, not only to our clients but to the business overall.  She was instrumental in setting up our internal systems in such a way that no matter where any of us are in the country (or in fact the world) we can still all work as a team and ensure our clients are all well looked after and that the business functions as normal.


Louise came on board in October 2015 to lend a hand for a project which we anticipated would last 3 days…..  Needless to say, we couldn’t let her go.  She has just clocked up her first anniversary with the team.

Louise liaises directly with clients and with Centrelink on behalf of our clients and has been unrelenting in her quest to ensure clients claims are finalised in a timely manner.  This is not an easy task as we have had many claims that have taken months to be approved, which is a sad indictment on the situation within Centrelink.  However, she follows up on a regular basis, to the point where Centrelink staff have actually thanked her for not giving up on behalf of the client.

Her manner with clients is wonderful and her understanding of their needs, frustrations and concerns allows her to keep our clients calm and happy.

So now that you have met the team, its probably a good idea to tell you what we do!!

We offer a complete advocacy service for our clients to assist them with dealing with Centrelink.  We assess eligibility for Centrelink entitlements, prepare all the paperwork necessary to facilitate a claim and assist in collating all the necessary document required to support a claim.

We then lodge the claim on behalf of our clients and follow up to ensure it is paid in a timely manner and at the correct level.

As Correspondence Nominees we are able to act on behalf of the client in virtually all their dealings with Centrelink.  Basically we remove the need for our clients to ever have to speak with Centrelink and in most cases, the need to ever visit a Centrelink Office.

Once a claim is lodged and finalised, we then offer an ongoing service which ensures our clients records are always up to date with Centrelink and therefore they continue to receive the correct rate of pension.

Aged Care

We also offer a service where we will assist clients and / or their children and Powers of Attorney in completing the necessary forms for Income & Assets assessment for a move to Aged Care.  We find that for the majority of people facing a moved to aged care for themselves or an elderly family member is a very stressful and confusing time.  We do all we can to ensure this move is as streamlined and stress free as possible.  We often have clients come to us with the worry of the world on their shoulders (which is natural in these circumstances) only to say as they walk out the door, that a great weight has been lifted.  This is something we love to hear and is one of our main reasons for being!


OzPlan are privileged to serve a substantial number of clients across Victoria, interstate and overseas.

Whilst we acknowledge that every single client is different, we have found that most share certain characteristics including:

  • Clear explanations of financial legislation;
  • Communications to be in plain language;
  • To benefit from our many years of collective experience;
  • To know how to create valuable assets, and protect

We all share the fact that changes take place at every stage of life: our central purpose is to address those changes in the very best interests of each and every person we have as a client: a person like you.

A Little bit about us.

In 1999, eight professionals in the financial services industry decided to pursue a shared vision on behalf of their clients.The organisation we founded was OzPlan.

Our vision has always been to provide our clients with advice that is suitable to their needs, objective and, above all,  personal.

Client satisfaction has seen OzPlan grow strongly from its first day. We have now established offices throughout Victoria and we also advise clients around Australia and overseas, to better serve clients like you, who, as our by-line has it, have needs ‘for every stage of  life’.

Our Team

Our guiding principle is that in all dealings with clients, ‘good service is only ever confirmed by its absence’. Only strong teamwork can accomplish outstanding client service.

Our team comprises both principals and the staff that support them. All members of our support staff are credentialed by appropriate certification in the financial services industry, so you can be assured you are dealing with appropriately qualified professionals.

For more information on their skills and qualifications, we invite you to refer to the separate brochures that describe each of our  principals.

Our Autonamy is your protection.

OzPlan has absolutely no shareholders represented by financial institutions such as banks, fund managers, or superannuation funds. This means that the advice we provide is based entirely on research and investigation and is free from external influences.

This allows us to stay faithful to our commitment to make recommendations that are both suitable to your needs and objectives.

Our Process

It is in your interests to know that we follow a very reliable process:

  • We listen very carefully to you, so we have a clear understanding of your particular objectives, needs and circumstances;
  • We present to you a statement of advice, which incorporates not only a plan to address your financial objectives, but also contains full disclosure of important issues such as research, findings, calculations, recommendations, and all relevant fees;
  • By reviewing your plan (with any changes you’d like to make), we move to implement your wishes;
  • We provide continuity by reviewing your investment and strategies, keeping you informed, and providing advice on a frequency to suit you;
  • We ensure you understand everything so that you remain in control of your affairs and comfortable with your financial decisions.

How you Benefit from our services

We provide advice focused  on:

  • Maximising your lifestyle and financial outcomes
  • Solving your problems and uncertainties regarding your finances
  • Having greater clarity, a strategy and well researched guidance to ensure you make educated decisions with your money
  • Wealth creation strategies to help you invest wisely and avoid potentially costly mistakes
  • Protection of assets and lifestyle via death, disability, income protection and trauma insurances
  • Retirement Investment & Strategy Planning
  • Personal Superannuation Planning and Investment of Funds
  • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Planning and advice
  • Estate Planning in conjunction with your legal advisers
  • Centrelink and Department of Veterans’ Affairs Pension Planning
  • Aged Care advice.

How can you access your services you need.

Each of our professional staff is able to provide services in a variety of financial areas, yet they each have a particular area of expertise. If we feel that your circumstances require a specialist practitioner, we’ll refer you to the appropriate staff member or consultants, and coordinate our services to best meet your  needs.

You’ll be pleased to know that, for their own plans, the principals of OzPlan often consult each other whenever the need for specialist input arises.


OzPlan Financial Services Pty Ltd

ABN 35 005 391 202    AFSL 221235

Australian Credit Licence Number 221235

Mitcham Office 701Whithorse Road Mitcham Vic 3132

T (03) 9078 6454

F (03) 9077 4939



Susan is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years’ experience and ASIC registered self-managed superannuation fund auditor. She operates her own practice specialising in auditing services to trustees of self-managed superannuation funds and committees of Clubs and other non-profit organisations. Susan has experience in auditing funds and with all degrees of complexities including limited recourse borrowing arrangements. She prides herself on providing a professional value for money service.

telephone susan 03 9755 8592

E-Mail Susan here to get the best SMSF Auditing.

Safe As 3 Houses.

Anthony teaches everyday people how to achieve financial security. Life is short, so it’s also about creating more choices and unique experiences in life. Financial security is achieved by first of all identifying what you’re aiming for, then creating strategy, and ultimately implementing your strategy with Anthony’s guidance and ongoing mentoring.

Anthony is an Investment Property Expert, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and qualified Financial Planner. As an investor himself, Anthony understands the importance of building a quality property portfolio safely. He now teaches others how to do this without complication or confusion.

Anthony’s core values are inspiration, integrity and trust. He is well known in the industry for placing his clients first and taking the mystery out of investing. Anthony formulates strategies for new and sophisticated investors, working closely with clients to ensure they obtain the knowledge, mindset and mentoring needed to become another success story.

“The best time to buy a property was 20 years ago.

The second-best time is now!”

Anthony Edmonds / Property Expert   

0411 885 152



Here at Fully Promoted in Mount Waverley we work to help your business look and feel its best with great quality uniforms and promotional products. We have a small, hardworking team with a passion for making sure everything we do is to the best possible standard. We have an experienced production team that can convert your company logo onto our high-quality garments in a seamless manner. We use a range of techniques ensuring there is something to suit every business and industry. Having access to a huge range of suppliers means we can always find the best product for our clients and we know how to help you choose the right product for your business. We only use brands that we are proud to show our customers, their high-quality fabrics and manufacturing makes the garments we have use, professional, strong, fashionable, practical and extremely comfortable. We see our job as vital in the ever-growing world of small and big business and we love having the ability to help anyone that comes through our doors wear their brand proudly!
The team at Complete Accounting contacted us needing some uniforms for their team. Knowing how important uniforms are to any business we had to figure out the right colour threads for their logo and the right garments for their needs. We made up a sample of the logo to ensure it was exactly what the Complete Accounting team were after. The products came out looking great and we were so glad that they were as happy with the result as we were.

Director Arun Marappan has a keen eye for quality and a passion for helping businesses look their best and be able to promote their business in the best possible way. His hard work and dedication to business is shown not only through his work at Fully Promoted Mount Waverley but also in the success he’s had with his Nando’s Lilydale business and work through the BNI group.

More information about Fully Promoted Mount Waverley visit our website or call to speak to our friendly staff.

1300 237 350