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Attention small business owners.

Are important business tasks not being completed because you run out of time?  Do you have a list of housework to do that never seems to get any shorter?  Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?  If your answer is yes to either of these questions then this article is for you!

I am a small business owner who runs a business from home. You may wonder how I get work and housework done?  The answer is that my business and my home life run well because one learns from the other.

I regularly learn lessons around the house that I later apply in the business. In this article I would like share some tips and strategies which will allow your housework duties to strengthen your business.

Housework: In the kitchen.

The kitchen is not only a place to make food or wash dishes it is a multitasking training ground. Why wait separately wait for the kettle to boil or the toast to pop up.  Try turning on the kettle, pop down the toast and put some dishes away while waiting for the other gadgets to do their work.

After you have enjoyed your toast and hot chocolate and you have clean crockery to eat it off you can now turn your attention to your office.  Here is how to apply the kitchen multitasking in the office;

The key take away here is to group activities that are assisted by electronic devices with activities requiring low level focus.
Imagine how much extra time you could save in your day if you used these simple strategies everyday.

Housework: In the Laundry.

Unless you want to live in a nudist colony you are going to have to find time in your week to wash dry and put away clothes for you and  probably everyone else in the house. The divide and conquer strategy works best for me here and it works like this:

  • Put on a load of washing at least every 2 days; don’t leave it until the weekend otherwise this task becomes very big and can get out of hand.
  • Be smart about how you group the washing, socks and underwear are a pain to hang out ( especially small children’s ones). If you have one available use a dryer for these items.
  • If you hang out the big stuff first you will achieve a quick win that will motivate you to finish the rest of this housework.
  • Reward yourself for the successful completion of the task.

Save yourself heaps of time when bringing in the washing, use one basket for per bedroom. This strategy keeps washing in order and reduces extra folding time.

If you live with others recruit them to help put the washing away. Like all great leaders negotiate with your helper a deal that will motivate them do the task with minimal anger, resistance or pain.

By now you are thinking great the washing is now under control, but how does this translate to my business?

My response extremely well!

Here’s how:

  • If a project is big look into breaking it up to chunks,
  • Next identify who is needed to get the job done,
  • Then explain the benefits to your staff of the completed project if necessary negotiate a reward for prompt completion.

If you break up your work flow over the entire week the tasks to be completed will become easier to manage and delegate.

Wet socks and underwear aren’t the only items that can be grouped to make efficiency gains. What about grouping the task that a business owner should be doing and grouping the tasks to delegate to the rest of your team.

Quick wins are also important in business, they build momentum and push the team towards goal achievement.

Business goals become real when you link them to a reward or change. How will your business be better if you achieve your goal, what is the reward/benefit the business owner gets for a successfully achieving the goal?

The night time routine: Potential battle ground or nice way to enjoy the evening with the kids.

You have made it through your busy day and now your significant other turns to you and says its your turn to get the kids washed, dressed and into bed tonight. To some, those words send you into a cold sweat worse than waiting for the Proctologist. Never fear I will share with you my fool proof way to get through this task in a calm non drowning way. Note these steps work for my 7 and 9 year old’s, please consider the age of your children before implementing these steps.

Step 1. Get the attention of your children by removing them from the television or technology.
Step 2. Explain to your cherubs what is going to happen. Offer a reward for compliance with your requests, possible rewards may include:

  • They get to stay up an extra 15 minutes.
  • Or you will read them their favourite book.

Step 3. Run a bath for one child, once bath is ready get the second child in the shower,

Do this for two reasons:

  1. To utilise your time as effectively as possible
  2. If children are separated they cause less fights and are more focused on what they are doing.

Step 4. Out of bath or shower and into their waiting pyjamas.

Step 5. Give a big hug and implement reward.

These steps should lead to a much more pleasant night time routine, why don’t you give it  a go!

Now the kids are calm dressed and ready for bed we can show you how to use the lesson to improve your business.

Its all about using the night time routine approach, by which I mean give your employee the jobs she/he can do at least 80% as well as you to do. While you work on a completely different job which is either business growing or higher value then the job you delegated.

The result will be two jobs get done and you will be very happy, much like the feeling you experienced when the kids were clean dressed and in bed.

So next time your beautiful spouse asks you for help with the housework remember; they aren’t just asking for your help. They are giving you strategies to grow your business.

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