How do you know if your Accountant is any good? How do you know if your accountant is any good? - Complete Accounting Services

Small business owners need the support of an excellent Accountant to ensure success.  How do we know if they are achieving the best possible outcomes for our business?

Complete Accounting review the performance of our staff at least once a year to ensure they still meet the needs and goals of our businesses. So, why aren’t we undertaking a similar review process for our suppliers?

Here is a list of questions to consider and include in your annual review of your Accountant.

  1. Do my financial/income statements provide me with easy to understand and useful information
  2. Can my Accountant answer my question so I can understand them?
  3. Does the Accountant come to me or do I chase for information?
  4. How confident are you that you are getting the most from your tax refund?

Interaction with your Accountant will answer the first three questions.

The fourth point, requires you to have significant expertise in Income Tax law.

There is an easy way for small business owners to determine whether they are receiving the refund .

Complete Accounting are offering a free two-year review service to all new small businesses. Gain a second opinion from a reputable, diligent and experienced Accountant. You shouldn’t have to study the complexities of Income Tax legislation, right?

A Complete Accounting review contains:

  • A complementary 30 minute meeting.
  • Analyse 2 previous year small business financial statements.
  • Analyse 2 years of personal and/or Business tax returns.
  • We look for missed deductions.
  • Also we look for errors left by previous Accountant.(e.g by putting zero in medicare where should 365)


By reviewing the last two years of financial statements and Income Tax returns;We will then contact you with our review findings:

  • Identifying opportunities to receive more back in your tax refund.
  • Outline the work needed to secure the income tax refund(s).
  • Upon receiving the signed service agreement the amended returns are prepared.
  • Present the amended income tax and financial statements for review and signing along with our tax invoice.
  • Upon payment of the tax invoice; we will lodge the amended Income Tax returns and the tax office will refund your money, plus any interest accumulated on the amended refund amount.
  • You will know whether you are entitled to a higher income tax refund following the free two-year review. We are confident you will be able to claim more, although if there is no further refund to be obtained or it is lower than our fee; we won’t proceed with the amendment and you do not pay anything!


If you would like to know whether you are receiving the maximum income tax refund, fill in your details below and a team member will be in touch shortly to arrange a collection of your last two financial statements and income tax returns.


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