Building a great business requires a strong foundation. Building Great Business Foundations

Because lots of disgruntled employees start their entrepreneurial journey with a moment that goes a bit like this

“Due to the lack of appreciation my boss gives me I don’t feel valued.”

“Furthermore I can build a better business than my boss.”

Gerber refers to these moments as the entrepreneurial seizure.

Here are 3 ways that Complete Accounting can help you avoid the long term effects of such a seizure.

  1. We offer a complementary 30 minute discovery session for all escapee technicians, during the session we discuss the following;
    • Why do you want to start a business;
    • What are your goals for building the business;
    • How are you going to achieve your personal goals;
    • The difference and changes between being an employee verses a business owner;
    • What to expect in your first year of being a business owner.
  1. A key step in building a strong foundation is to have a plan, the plan will include;
    • Your vision for the business;
    • The goals that will allow you to achieve your business vision;
    • SWOT Analysis.
  1. In addition to analyzing your new businesses potential, Complete Accounting can help by introducing you to an awesome group of other business owners that want to help your business be a success.
    Introductions that we can make include;

    • To suppliers;
    • Referral partners;
    • And to other successful business owners that have been there done that, made mistakes and had amazing success.

Complete Accounting offer two options to help business owners build a business plan.

Your first option is that you request a copy of the template, complete the template and then return the completed plan to Complete Accounting for feedback.

Alternatively, the second option is to request a copy of the template, complete the template and then build an awesome business by yourself.

In conclusion to break free from your boss and start building a business with strong foundations click the enquiry box below and arrange your complimentary discovery session with one of our team members.

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